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About Janes

In a world crowded with increasingly unreliable information, our customers require timely, verified, validated, unbiased and relevant defence, threat, and equipment intelligence. The interconnectivity of Janes assured open-source intelligence and analysis enables us to provide you with the unique insights required to make mission critical decisions.

Our Purpose

To improve global security through trusted intelligence.

Our Vision

The trusted global agency for open-source defence intelligence.

Our Mission

The Janes stamp of trust means supplying our customers with timely, validated, unbiased and relevant intelligence in a world crowded with increasingly unreliable information.

With an unmatched legacy of more than 120 years, Janes has adapted, expanded, and developed its unique tradecraft whilst transitioning from a traditional military publisher to the leading global agency for open-source intelligence.

Today Janes partners with global government agencies and leading military manufacturers across the world and is at the forefront of analysis in the open-source intelligence domain.

While open-source data is readily available to analysts and decision makers, it can be unmanageable in structure and volume, is not assured, and can be manipulated either intentionally or unintentionally. Our human-centric tradecraft, developed over 120 years, delivers the highest levels of assurance. 

The Power of Interconnected Intelligence

Janes Intara  brings together all of the assured intelligence, across military capabilities and order of battle, events, equipment, markets, forecasts and manufacturers. All datasets have been interconnected allowing you to work across traditional domains, as well as datasets, regions, organisations or countries. 

The ability to interconnect, contextualise and integrate Janes assured foundational intelligence with third-party and your own data in a common, consistent framework enables the exploitation of all intelligence sources in a shareable, actionable manner resulting in a more complete and assured assessment.

Assured by Janes.

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Discover how Janes can provide you with assured, interconnected open-source intelligence across military capabilities and order of battle; events; equipment; and defence industry.

About Janes

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