Military Assessments

Regularly updated assessments on a nation’s military disposition, composition and strength. Separate profiles for army, navy, air force and special forces.  Each profile includes an executive overview, platform inventory, order of battle, installations, operational history and modernisation priorities. A critical tool to assess the relative military effectiveness for more than 190 countries.


The most comprehensive and updated unclassified military inventory database in the world. More than 8,000 lines of land and air forces inventory covering 190 countries. Each line of inventory includes the platform variant, manufacturer, by service operator, and number of systems in service as well as order numbers and initial delivery dates when available. Janes naval inventory includes more than 22,000 vessels of 2,400 different classes broken down by country.

Orders of Battle (ORBAT)

Relational database covering 18,800 military units worldwide.  Each military unit is categorised by echelon and type. It is also placed in the context of its administrative military hierarchy and linked to a military installation. In many instances the unit is further linked to associated military platforms.


Military Installations and Global Infrastructure

Name, location and affiliation for more than 9,200 military bases. Name, location, orientation, surface and length for more than 5,000 civilian and military runways. Location, systems and status for 2,216 air defence sites. Name, locations, status and capacity data for 6,300 seaports. Name, location, type and status for 1,411 nuclear sites. Plus, a global energy infrastructure overlay.

CBRN Assessments

Country profiles outline nuclear, chemical and biological government policy, production capability, proliferation, and mitigation and response capability. Understand emerging global capabilities with detailed satellite imagery analysis of nuclear sites and insight into strategic weapon systems.

Satellite Imagery Analysis

Janes satellite imagery analysis delivers a regularly updated database of more than 2,200 finished imagery intelligence products, derived from Maxar and Airbus Defence and Space imagery, covering a wide range of global security issues including WMD proliferation, force modernisation and global military operations.



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