Rapidly and accurately differentiate between a T-72A and a T-72B3. From small arms ammunition to strategic air defence systems, Janes land equipment content is the world’s pre-eminent source of granular content on land platforms, weapons and systems. Equipment profiles cover development, status, specifications and descriptions of equipment at the variant level. Land equipment data, including our equipment dictionaries, specifications, inventories and item-to-item linking, supports rapid equipment recognition and capability assessment. System and subsystem profiles illuminate slight variations among seemingly similar platforms that can help users differentiate between a friend, a foe, or an opportunity.   

Timely, relevant and accurate open-source intelligence

Janes up-to-date equipment profiles, including imagery, specifications and analysis, enable you to identify and differentiate between weapons, systems and variants and conduct critical all-source analysis and reporting. Janes specific, structured and consistent nomenclature and terminology and the ability to apply a range of data points including types, roles, specifications and operators in a guided manner, speeds data discovery by quickly narrowing the field of possible matches. Comparison tools enable you to identify the comparative and contextual capability of a weapon system or platform.

Data and insight on the world’s land warfare platforms

Janes data and analysis delivers a full picture of global land warfare platforms in development, production and service around the world. Verified and validated profiles and specifications for:

  • More than 3,100 profiles of tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles and protected mobility platforms.
  • More than 1,000 system profiles of indirect fire towed and self-propelled artillery systems, and all static, towed and self-propelled air defence systems.
  • Components and subcomponents of land warfare platforms including turrets and ROWS, guns, cannons and missiles, armour packages, active protection systems, engine and drive components.
  • More than 1,000 logistic vehicles including light utility and trucks, as well as unmanned ground vehicles.

Identify land based C4ISR capabilities and opportunities

Delivering technical and programme data and information on more than 2,000 C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and mission systems under development, in production and in service on land platforms worldwide. Quickly understand the technical specifications, functionality and operational parameters and operational status with detailed profiles built using verified and validated data.


Technical specifications and capabilities of the world’s infantry weapons and ammunition

Janes delivers verified and validated data and insight into military infantry weapons and ammunition in development, production and service across the globe. Technical details, specifications and capability descriptions, operational status, development and programme information along with supplier and manufacturer details support entity recognition, capability and threat assessments



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Discover how Janes assured interconnected open-source intelligence across land platforms, weapons and systems supports entity recognition, capability assessment and market analysis.

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