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Helping you transform open-source information into actionable intelligence 

Janes understands the challenge of producing effective open-source intelligence (OSINT) for increasingly time-short customers to support their decision makers. This is why we also design and deliver bespoke OSINT training programmes, designed to help you transform open-source information into actionable intelligence. 

Learn the processes and methodological standards behind Janes assured intelligence

Creating trusted open-source intelligence has always been our focus. Janes foundational defence intelligence, across military capabilities and order of battle, equipment, events, and defence industry, is verified and validated using our human-centric tradecraft to deliver the highest levels of assurance.

Janes Tradecraft courses deliver online training and support material to enable national security and government organisations to exploit open-source information, improving their planning and decision making processes. It enables analysts to generate assured foundation and discovery intelligence from open-source information by enhancing their capability to answer the complex intelligence requirements National Security and Government organisations have today.

Teaching practitioners to:

  • Reduce digital footprint and mitigate risks associated with OSINT
  • Plan structured, methodical collection
  • Collect, collate, and process information using efficient, standardised processes
  • Expand information collection beyond their subject matter expertise with supplemental case studies
  • Produce and disseminate OSINT reports and briefings with appropriate rubric, explanations, and caveats

Course Description

Janes Tradecraft is an online subscription-based learning platform, courses are modular and progressive and can be completed independently. They are based on a combination of established intelligence tradecraft and Janes internal open-source intelligence processes. The course content can be viewed across multiple devices and is entirely self-contained. Where additional software or hardware is required for a specific course options are listed, and unbiased advice is provided. 

Janes Tradecraft Online Courses

Online Courses for Generalist Intelligence Roles
  • 101: Open-Source Intelligence (pre-requisite for all other courses): Open-source intelligence tradecraft and techniques
  • 102: Open-Source Intelligence Reports and Briefings: Customer focused ‘readers’ course
Online Courses for Specialist Intelligence Roles
  • 201: Open-Source Imagery and Geo-spatial Intelligence: tradecraft course focused on support to IMINT and GEOINT activity and analysts
  • 202: Social Media and Human Intelligence: tradecraft course focused on SOCMINT activity, and support to HUMINT activity and analysts
  • 203: Open-Source Signals Intelligence Support to Cyber and Electro-Magnetic Activity: technical tradecraft course focused on support to SIGINT and CEMA tasks
  • 204: Open-Source Financial Intelligence: tradecraft course focused on threat finance, cryptocurrency, and related FININT
Online Courses for Intelligence Management and Support Roles
  • 301: Structured Analysis and Open-Source Information: Advanced course focused on application of critical thinking and SATs to Open-Source information
  • 302: Open-Source Intelligence Automation and Integration: Advanced course focused on use of free, enterprise, and bespoke software in intelligence analysis workflows
  • 303: Open-Source Intelligence and Information Management: Advanced course focused on intelligence and information management workflows
  • 304: Open-Source Intelligence Support: Advanced course focused on managing Open-Source intelligence teams
Online Courses for Planning and Decision Support Roles
  • 401: Open-Source Intelligence Preparation of the Environment: Intelligence support course focused on the use of Open-Source information in intelligence estimates
  • 402: Open-Source Intelligence for Strategic Communications: Intelligence support course focused on understanding Open-Source and social media operating environments
  • 403: Open-Source Intelligence Support to Defence and National Security: Intelligence support course focused on planning and decision making support
  • 404: Open-Source Intelligence Assessments: Intelligence analysis course focused on the incorporation of Open-Source information different intelligence assessments
Janes Tradecraft: Supplemental Material
  • Intelligence Tradecraft Primers: Case studies demonstrating the use of Open-Source information in intelligence activity
  • Social Media Intelligence Scanners: Case studies focused on social media platforms, dynamics, usage, and intelligence value
  • Open-Source Intelligence Scanners: Case studies focused on Open-Source platforms, tools, datasets, and resources

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