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Market strategy development

Janes delivers guidance on product, commercial, and competitive strategies to enable your business to drive long-term profitable growth, including:

  • Product development and positioning.
  • Opportunity identification and market access.
  • Competitive positioning.
  • Partnering and M&A.
  • Scenario modelling and stress testing.
  • Wargaming for business.
  • Risk analysis and management.


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Identifying and capturing opportunities

Offering advisory and team support to help you win defence procurement contracts of strategic importance to your business, including:

  • Customer requirements analysis.
  • Competitive environment analysis.
  • Commercial obligations analysis (e.g. offset).
  • Proposal development.
  • Risk analysis and management.

Defence capability assessments and comparisons

Janes delivers multi-disciplinary analysis of existing and future military capabilities to identify opportunities, threats, and vulnerabilities. The analysis can be performed top-down from service-wide to specific equipment. Capability comparisons allow you to understand which capabilities best meet your requirements. These comparisons can range from estimated performance to approximate lifecycle costs.

Price benchmark studies

Price comparisons allow you to understand what others are paying for similar equipment and why. These comprehensive reports help organisations obtain a better negotiating position with potential suppliers.

International procurement needs and processes

Janes can provide you with deep dives into a country’s strategic position, requirements, domestic industry capabilities, and procurement processes. We can also provide detailed competitive assessments of foreign suppliers’ position within your country’s defence market.


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