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Country Intelligence enables you to quickly understand the politics, military, economy, socio-demographic, information, and infrastructure of 197 countries across the globe in a recognised PMESII framework.

Country intelligence reports for 197 countries

Each section of the country's PMESII structured report is broken down into easily digestible sections covering risks, capabilities, structures, people, and external relations. The military section is further segmented into army, navy, air force, and strategic weapons.


Understand a country's political environment, national security decision-making capabilities, political structure, and risks associated with election violence, corruption, non-state armed groups (NSAGs), and military-civil relations.


Data includes military capability assessments by country, including deployments and operations, equipment in service, and military unit data with each unit classified by service, status, echelon, domain, and role, and linked to parent and subordinate units, installations, and equipment.


Understand a country's economic environment, defence budget and natural resource capabilities, economic decision-making structure, and risks associated with economic growth, inflation, unemployment, debt, and the country's currency.


Insight and analysis of a country's key social demographic information and indicators, as well as assessment of security issues relating to social volatility such as protests and riots, resource security, and serious and organised crime.


Understand a country’s media environment, cyber capability, intelligence apparatus, and risks associated with cyber attacks, militant propaganda, and the use of social media in protests and riots.


Data referring to a country's structure of critical national infrastructure (CNIs) assets such as transport, energy, civil, nuclear, communications, and the risk associated with natural disasters and malicious attacks on CNIs causing infrastructure disruption.

Country Stability Indicators

Janes bespoke country intelligence Country Stability Indicators are a powerful quantitative and qualitive enhancement to the PMESII framework within Country Intelligence and enables you to identify national security flashpoints and destabilising political, economic and social factors in 184 countries. The socio-political risk faced by the country is quantified on a scale of 0 to 4 as an indicator of a progressing threat up to and including the risk of disorderly government collapse, forceful transfer of power, or fragmentation of state power across the country, which may lead to societal unrest and violence.

To understand Janes Country Stability Indicators in action read our analysis of the situation in Sudan Military clashes in Sudan threaten to become protracted conflict following attempted coup by Rapid Support Forces (


News and analysis that increases your understanding of the global threat environment

From tactical briefs to strategic insight, Janes news and analysis helps you see the bigger picture. Janes international security news and analysis tells you what's happening and provides the geopolitical, technological, and economic context necessary to understand the threats posed by both state and non-state actors.

Janes is more than just open-source data

Janes PMESII structured country intelligence provides analysis as well as facts. It is supported by daily event-driven and assured insight as well as more in-depth and data-driven analysis of national and regional security issues from our team of analysts.

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