Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN)

Delivering validated and verified open-source intelligence on all aspects of proliferation, Janes enables you monitor the global CBRN situation. Analyse strategic military CBRN capabilities, review CBRN history, production, and policy developments and analyse the movement and use of illicit CBRN material. Satellite imagery analysis focusing on developments at declared and suspected CBRN facilities provide both context and additional depth of insight. 

Verified and validated data and insight that increases your situational awareness and supports your threat assessments

Capability assessments

Janes delivers a country-by-country analysis of offensive and defensive capabilities including:

  • Government policy.
  • Production capability.
  • Proliferation.
  • Ballistic missile defence capability.
  • Transparency and verification.

Equipment and technology data

Janes delivers insight into the technical specifications and capabilities of protective equipment, plus detection, monitoring, and decontamination systems.

Illicit trafficking incidents

Detailed data on reported cases of CBRN-related material or equipment dating back to 1992. Listed within each event (where known) is:

  • Name and amount of trafficked material.
  • Dates of material theft and recovery.
  • Nationality and residence of the traffickers.
  • Origin and destination of trafficked materials.
  • Place of seizure and mode of transit of the material.
  • Reported value of the material.

Detailed satellite imagery analysis

Janes experts deliver analysis of offensive and defensive capabilities, with regular analysis of satellite imagery, focusing on developments at declared and suspected CBRN facilities. The context and depth of insight provided by Janes increases your situational awareness and supports your threat assessments.

Geocoded nuclear facilities deliver critical insight

Janes delivers a comprehensive listing of more than 1,600 nuclear fuel-cycle related sites. Combining information on IAEA-declared civilian nuclear facilities, including power reactors and fuel-cycle related activities, with information on undeclared nuclear facilities for countries across the world. Key attributes including country, installation type, status (active/inactive), scale, and facility type are provided to deliver a more holistic view of the site’s capabilities and function.

News and analysis that increases your understanding of the global threat environment

From tactical briefs to strategic insight, Janes news and analysis helps you see the bigger picture. Janes international security news and analysis tells you what’s happening and provides the geopolitical, technological, and economic context necessary to understand the threats posed by both state and non-state actors.  


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